The Nintendo Switch: 700 Confirmed Games and Counting

By my count, there are now over 700 titles either released on or bound for the Nintendo Switch.

For the last year or more I’ve been keeping track of what’s coming to the Nintendo Switch. I’ve been combing through rumours, maybes, Kickstarter promises, and official announcements – looking for the bottom line. I’ve crafted my list – avoiding including anything not shown in development on a console, anything that hasn’t actually been confirmed, promises that require some sort of prerequisite, and the “we’ll try” or “maybe” style PR speak that comes with uncertainty.

…and still, we’ve hit over 700 games either officially headed to or already available on the Nintendo Switch, just under 290 days into its lifespan.

With North America currently showing 315 games released on the eShop, Europe only a half step behind at 308, and Japan trailing at 222, I’m willing to bet that (when accounting for unique-to-region titles) around half those promised games haven’t yet released – meaning we’re currently looking forward to around 300-350 titles that have confirmed intent to release on the platform.

To put this into a little perspective for the uninformed out there, the Wii U has 752 games total at this point – five years after its release. We’re already well on track to meet that number of releases by the end of year two. This thing is getting games so fast that many are struggling to keep up with physical releases (let along digital ones), and there’s no end in sight.

So what does that mean for you, the consumer of said games? Well, it means more choice. It means more of your favourite genre. It means more big (and more little) games. It means that the Switch isn’t likely to suffer the same early grave and quiet funeral that the Wii U got.

It means you can probably sigh in relief; ’cause the Nintendo Switch is just getting started.

PS; Check out the full 700-game list here.