List of Nintendo Switch Demos

This is a list of all the available Nintendo Switch demos across the three major regions. If you see something inaccurate, or have something to add, please contact me via the contact form or Twitter.
TitleNorth AmericaEuropeJapanSizeShort Description
Blaster Master ZeroYesYesYes0.1GB (95.5MB)Area 1 & 3 only, kicks you to the "end of demo" screen when moving to a new area.
Dark Witch Music Episode: RudymicalYesYesYes0.2GB (152MB)Two boss fights available, multiple difficulties.
Death SquaredYesYesTBAApproved early January, incoming ASAP.
Disgaea 5: CompleteYesYesYes1.0GB (999MB)Save data carries over to the full game.
Dragon Quest BuildersYesYes02/01/20180.5GB (516MB)
Dragon Quest Heroes I & IINoNoYes1.0GBOne area, four character choices, Japanese language only.
Embers of MirrimYesYesTBA0.8GB (~800MB)
forma.8YesYesYes0.3GB (280MB)
Heroes of the Monkey TavernYesYesNo0.7GB (728MB)
Implosion: Never Lose HopeYesYesYes0.9GB (853MB)
INVERSUS DeluxeYesYesLocal versus and arcade mode, 2-star bots, time limit on arcade, no online.
Just Dance 2017Yes, but not currently available.YesNo0.9GB (901MB)One song - Sorry by Justin Bieber in NA, Watch Me [Whip/Nae Nae] by Silento in EU.
Just Dance 2018YesYesNo0.5GB (444MB)One song - 24k Magic by Bruno Mars.
Lost SphearYesYesYes0.8GB (793MB)Starts at the beginning of the game, save data carries over to the full release.
Max: Curse of the BrotherhoodYesYesTBA0.9GB (880MB)
Mighty Gunvolt BurstYesYesYes0.1GB (24.3MB)Save data carries over to the full game, as will the Ekoro DLC should you finish the demo.
Monster Hunter XXNoNoYes1.7GBThree quests (including one vs. Valphalk) as well as local multiplayer support (up to 4 players). Japanese language only.
Nine ParchmentsYesYesNo0.9GB (905MB)
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted SeasYesYesYes0.3GB (310MB)The beginning of the game, up 'til you gain access to your boat.
Order Land!NoNoYes0.2GB (205MB)One mode, two characters, and one location. Heavy on Japanese text.
Pic-a-Pix DeluxeYesYesTBA0.1GB (39.5MB)Contains 12 puzzles, a Christmas theme.
Piczle Lines DXYesYesYes0.2GB (168MB)Tutorial and the first chapter.
Plantera DXNoNoYes0.1GB (62.9MB)Handheld mode only, as it relies on touch to work.
Pokken Tournament DXYesYesYes0.8GB (765MB)Can play as Pikachu, Charizard, or Empoleon. 15 Battle limit, single and local multiplayer.
Project Octopath TravelerYesYesYes0.7GB (687MB)Primrose and Olberic playable.
Puyo Puyo TetrisYesYesYes0.7GB (685MB)Limited options and two modes. Rules vary by region, no English in Japanese demo.
Rayman Legends Definitive EditionYesYesNo0.7GB (707MB)Four levels (incl. a Murphy level) and a gallery.
RobonautsYesYesTBA0.4GB (373MB)
Slime-sanYesYesTBA0.5GB (551MB)10 levels, 10 music tracks, button mapping packed in.
Snipperclips: Cut it out, together!YesYesYes0.3GB (309MB)Tutorial and intro levels only.
Sonic ForcesNoNoYes0.6GB (573MB)Three levels, with the third level offering three loadouts. Only a minute of play on each level before the demo ends.
Spelunker Party!YesYesYes0.4GB (371MB)You can try out the early stages of the first world with up to four player local co-op. Minna de Wai Wai! Spelunker in Japan.
Sumikko GurashiNoNoYes0.2GB (214MB)Tabletop and TV modes only, single Joy-Con support, one small board available.
Super Beat SportsNoNoYes0.9GB (859MB)English supported on Japanese demo, features a variety of the included games.
VoezYesYesYes0.2GB (141MB)Tutorial + 3 songs; Wilt by VerseQuence (MJQ+Eri), Colourful Voice by Night Keepers, & Kimi to Mita Sora no Uta by TAKUII75 + Ryota Kikuchi.